Monday, January 26, 2009

montag montag

It's so hard to wake up sometimes. For years I have found myself on "very important missions" right as I probably should be waking up. In my school years once I even yelled at my mother as she was trying to wake me up for what was likely the fourth or fifth time, "I can't, I'm on a mission!"

This morning, I was practicing a non-existant Cat Stevens song in front of a mirror, naked except for a headband. And I was certain that I could not wake up into my actual life until I got that song down.

Maybe it's nervousness.

Come out and see for yourselves, I'm playing another HUNGRY, HUNGRY GHOST PLAYS ALONG WITH SELF-KARAOKE show tonight in Manhattan at The Delancey (168 Delancey St., between Clinton & Attorney).

It is part of some bittersweet irony-themed night called Laid-Off Mondays and apparently if you can prove that you got laid off, you get one free shot of tequila at midnight.. But I am playing at 8 p.m. So.. maybe have a shot before you come.

Probably talking to myself,
xx Alex // h,hg

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