Wednesday, January 21, 2009


So. Here I am again, frenziedly playing here and there to no one. Working my langsam way up a ladder whose bars are invisible and which undeniably stands upon two levels, encroaching dangerously upon the absolute zero point of must-fall. Is anyone out there? I think I hate the internet. No, I love it...No, I hate it.. No, wait..

The show last week really sent my week into a bitter spiral toward my third sickness within 35 days. A depressing room of relics, empty but for the employers and employees and one of two of the other people who also played. A live webcam, but a terrible feeling of failure. I thank my brother and the sound guy and the one clapping guy on the barstool. I thank you. To top it all off, I accidentally decapitated my newest bandmate, the sweet Else Pappe...

Perhaps it's just the winter doldrums creeping into my skin, but it's starting to make the Germany shows in front of 15-20 people seem like stadium affairs. . . Here I am again!

Aye, but I've chosen it and I will do it. There are things on the horizons, new releases and the such. But as the base ideas for these have been changing rapidly and occasionally, I utter not a word. Except that there is a new song (likely not from an upcoming release) available on our myspace page.

O sweet Earth - usher in the Spring, I beg it of you and with it the conquering feeling of a warm day's work.

Love always,
Alex // hungry, hungry ghost


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